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Japanese Cherry Blossoms or Sakura as they are known in Japan are beyond magnificent.

Once a year and for only about seven days these gifts of nature bloom with such ferocity they are something to behold. Attracting visitors from all over the world Sakura really is Mother Nature’s gift to us all. Starting their bloom in the southern areas of Japan, Sakura, like an orchestrated masterpiece, emerge one by one moving further and further north.  Luxury Japan Travel purposely designs the Cherry Blossom Tour to give guests the maximum opportunity to witness this natural wonder in all its glory. If there is one natural event you choose to witness in your life it has to be Sakura.

We look forward to welcoming you on tour and sharing this once in a lifetime experience with you.

Experience the magic, culture and food of Japan
with one of our unique luxury tours.

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Classic Tour

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12 days of luxury.

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March 28th – April 8th 2020

Northern Tour

from US$9000
per person twin share

12 days of luxury.

Five Star Japan Tour Experience

April 22nd – May 3rd 2020

Custom Tours

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Five Star Japan Tour Experience

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Luxury Cherry Blossom Tour Highlights

Cherry Blossom Tour – Classic

Travel to Kyoto and discover World-Heritage sites, ancient culture, unique architecture and exclusive cuisine.

Wake up to an unrivalled view of Mt Fuji from your private and exclusive in-room hot-spring bath, this has to be experienced to be believed.

Experience the world’s best sushi with an extended sushi performance by grandmaster Yoshi-san at his private 118 year old restaurant.

Journey to Kobe to and experience the world’s most famous ultra-luxurious beef, Kobe Wagyu.

Cherry Blossom Tour – North

Travel to and witness Japan’s most spectacular collection of Sakura trees at Hirosaki Castle.

Experience extended Shinkansen travel through the spectacular scenery of Northern Honshu and Hokkaido, areas seldom witnessed by foreign tourists.

Relax and rejuvenate yourself in the pristine natural hot-springs of Aomori and experience the unique hospitality and culture of the region.

Discover Matsushima, simply one of the most beautiful places on Earth, where you will have the opportunity to devour the world’s best oysters.


“Our 2019 Luxury Japan Travel tour featured spectacular meals, fascinating cultural learnings and eye-poppingly beautiful cherry blossoms (Sakura.) We loved the various food styles, from fusion dishes created by celebrity chefs in upmarket and exclusive restaurants to authentic local experiences with lots of sake. Our time at the Bessho Sasa Ryokan near Mt Fuji was unforgettable, with Japanese culture on full display. This was a truly remarkable tour.”

Mark & Wendy Day 2019

Manly, NSW, Australia

As a Canadian, I had the immense pleasure of participating in the spring 2019 Northern Japanese Cherry Blossom Tour. I thoroughly enjoyed everything about this amazing tour. It was intimate and extremely well planned. Train transportation from the First Class Shinkansen (Bullet Train) to local trains to subways were our main mode of transportation. Incredible meals every day and perfect cherry blossoms created amazing experiences. We travelled off the beaten tourist routes to experience first hand Japanese culture and traditions and interactions with local residents in a very meaningful way. Travelling with the Luxury Japan Travel group was an immense pleasure – from the first personal greeting at Tokyo’s Narita airport to our send off home. Every need and desire was answered promptly, respectfully and professionally.

Should touring Japan be an item on your bucket list, I can’t recommend the Luxury Japan Travel Team more highly. Their professionalism and knowledge of Japan makes for a highly personal, informative and engaging tour. I can’t wait to join Luxury Japan Travel Team on another amazing experience!

Robert B - Cherry Blossom North Tour 2019


My wife and I have traveled to Europe many times and taken part in many river cruises. We can both safely say that travelling to Japan with Luxury Japan Travel was the best thing we have ever done. No request was too big, we were looked after so, so well. If you are having doubts ask the team at Luxury Japan Travel to give you my number, I will tell you how good they really are. Great experience, will go again!

John H - Cherry Blossom Classic Tour 2019


“I had the most wonderful experience to go on a tour of Japan, with Luxury Japan Travel in April/May this year. Our Tour guide looked after our every need; we were able to relax; enjoy the food; the amazing scenery, of Japan. We had several trips on the very fast Bullet trains enjoyed a Bento Box lunches during the trip, while watching the scenery fly by.
A highlight of our Tour was seeing the Cherry blossoms in flower at Hirosaki Castle. Words cannot describe how amazing it was to see so many trees with Blossoms in flower. We had a small group of 11, on our trip. We were grateful, to the special attention our tour guide gave, The accommodation was excellent. The whole trip was very well organized.

Elizabeth R - Cherry Blossom North Tour 2019


The Difference

Luxury Japan Travel is as our name suggests a travel experience company based around Japanese Cuisine; however, this is far from all we are. We ensure our guests realise the full Japanese experience. This includes the famous landmarks, areas and sights, as well as, certain important tourist and World Heritage sites. This being said, in order to truly understand Japan, its people and most of all its culture, the journey of discovery must be based around the cuisine. Japan is food and food is Japan, this the key message that other companies just do not present to their guests.

Luxury Japan Travel conducts small group tours with a maximum of ten guests. We do this to ensure every guest has the VIP experience and is able to have complete access to both our guides and local assets. We do not outsource, we run the tours ourselves in cooperation with our local assets. We are a small company that prides itself on providing experiences that no other company can or would be willing to. We focus on the experience and therefore design itineraries that give the very best account of the real Japanese culture.

We are first and foremost lovers of Japan and like to see ourselves as both advocates for and protectors of the culture. We utilise our collective and extensive knowledge to drive our tours in such a way they truly are once in a lifetime experiences.


All our tours are designed to demonstrate the very best of Japan. Each guest is personally looked after not only for the duration of the tour, but also before and after the tour. Luxury Japan Travel offers a highly specialised experience that we tailor to each guest. As part of your investment, each tour, as standard, includes all accommodation, in-country transportation, local guides, Luxury Japan Travel expert guide, entry fees, local taxes, first class dining experiences, exclusive restaurant access, exclusive activity access and most importantly most meals. The meals that are included as part of your investment are all of world class standard and created by the very best chefs who use only the finest produce. The meals we provide our guests set us apart from our competitors.

Luxury Accommodation

The accommodation options available in Japan are almost as diverse and wonderful as the cuisine. 

Luxury Japan Travel chooses accommodation for our tours that offer the best location, functionality and most importantly comfort.

We carefully select a combination of accommodation, both traditional and modern that we know will not only please the guests but also provide a further window into Japanese culture.

The Cuisine

Without a doubt, Japanese Cuisine is the finest in the world. No other culture is as food obsessed as the Japanese and it shows in what they produce. It doesn’t matter whether it is street food or high-end fare nothing compares.

We design our tours to showcase the true Japanese Cuisine; this means that guests experience the full range of options that foreign visitors wish they knew about. Luxury Japan Travel gives guests access to world renowned chefs, decorated with Michelin Stars, whose creative take on Japanese Cuisine will leave you wanting more. We show you sublime local produce and present dishes that are simply divine.

Luxury Japan Travel provides guests an education on all aspects of the Japanese food and drink culture that ignites appetite like no other.

Experience the magic, culture and food of Japan
with one of our unique luxury tours.

Call us on +61 1300 040 731 or Book Online

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