“Having returned from the Classic Cherry Blossom Tour with Luxury Japan Travel I must say, it was a dream come true. Every day was filled with stunning sights, like Mount Fuji and Kyoto, and the cherry blossoms were all I expected and more. The culinary experiences were top-notch – the sushi, kaiseki and Kobe beef were standouts for me. The team’s care and attention to every detail made us feel truly pampered. An unforgettable and luxurious way to see Japan!”

E. Lim

Singapore, The Classic Cherry Blossom Tour of Japan

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The Luxury Cherry Blossom Tour of Hokkaido

May 3rd – May 13th, 2025
Discover the enchanting allure of cherry blossoms in full bloom with “The Luxury Cherry Blossom Tour of Hokkaido,” a one-of-a-kind luxury tour crafted for the ultimate sakura experience in Hokkaido. This exclusive journey invites you to savour the magical spectacle of Japan’s iconic cherry blossoms through a lens of unparalleled luxury and elegance.

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The Hokkaido Tour – Summer

Embark on a Journey of Elegance and Discovery: The Hokkaido Tour – Summer 2025
Welcome to a world where luxury meets tradition, where each day unfolds into a tapestry of cultural richness and serene beauty. Join us on a 10-day journey through Hokkaido, Japan’s northern gem, where Luxury Japan Travel promises an experience nothing short of extraordinary.

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The Classic Cherry Blossom Tour of Japan

“Discover the allure of Japan’s cherry blossom season on our Classic Cherry Blossom Tour. This 11-day luxury journey from Kyoto to Tokyo offers an intimate glimpse of sakura splendour, combining historic elegance and modern charm. Experience the serenity and beauty of Japan’s most iconic season through exclusive cultural encounters and breath-taking landscapes.”

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Kyoto & Mt Fuji Cherry Blossom Tour: A Journey of Elegance and Serenity

April 4, 2025

Immerse yourself in the ethereal beauty of Japan’s cherry blossom season with our Kyoto and Mt Fuji Cherry Blossom Tour, an exquisite journey through the heart of Japanese culture and natural splendour. This ultra-luxury tour is a symphony of experiences, meticulously crafted to showcase the best of Japan’s historic Kyoto and the majestic Mt. Fuji area.


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