The Cherry Blossom Tours

If there is one natural event you choose to witness in your life it has to be the Cherry Blossoms of Japan. Once a year and for only 7 days behold the Mother Nature’s gift.

Five Star Japan Tour Experience

March 28th – April 8th 2020


Witness this northern paradise in bull bloom as life returns after the long winter. Travel to areas that are unknown to the Western world and relax in complete luxury.

Five Star Japan Tour Experience

August 1st – 12th 2020

Custom Tours of Japan

Let our experts design the perfect tour of Japan for your group with all of the luxury, activities and experiences included. Our guides look after everything so you can relax and enjoy.

Five Star Custom Japan Tour

Anytime that suits you

Self Guided Tours

Travel through Japan your own way but draw on our vast knowledge, experience and insights of the best Japan has to offer. We give you everything you need for an unforgetable experience.

Five Star Self Guided

Anytime that suits you

Luxury Japan Travel

Experience the land of the rising sun in complete luxury

Japan, a land of ancient culture, sophistication, modern metropolises and boundless wonders.  A country illustrated by four distinct seasons, there is no place on Earth more beautiful.  From the never-ending mountain ranges, to the pristine lakes, rivers and coastline, Japan’s natural splendour will leave you breathless. World class transportation, technologies and hospitality, Japan’s appeal is second to none. Japan is home the world’s greatest cuisine, refined over centuries and crafted using the very finest seasonal produce.
A perfectly orchestrated harmony of old and new, Luxury Japan is waiting for you.

Luxury Accommodation
Private and Exclusive Tour
Small Groups Only For Exclusive Experiences
VIP Treatment
First Class Dining
Unique Experiences and Activities

The luxury japan travel difference

What is true luxury? 

When asked to think about the word ‘luxury’ your mind may take you straight to the thought of a well-known five-star hotel chain; this is where other luxury providers stop too. Luxury Japan Travel understands that a luxury experience is not just a hotel but rather a carefully orchestrated, and precisely executed combination of exclusive elements. To experience true luxury is to combine the concepts of accommodation, experiences, cuisine, guidance and transportation, this is our difference, and this difference is what we offer to you.


The accommodation options available in Japan are almost as diverse and wonderful as the cuisine. Luxury Japan Travel chooses accommodation for our tours that offer the best location, functionality and most importantly comfort. We carefully select a combination of accommodation, both traditional and modern that we know will not only please the guests but also provide a further window into Japanese culture.


Travelling in a foreign country and experiencing the local culture is what discovery is all about. Luxury Japan Travel carefully selects exclusive activities that aren’t readily available to foreign tourists and even the local population. We purposely design our experiences to provide a level of engagement and enjoyment that can’t be found anywhere else.


Without a doubt, Japanese Cuisine is the finest in the world. No other culture is as food obsessed as the Japanese and it shows in what they produce. It doesn’t matter whether it is street food or high-end fare nothing compares. We design our tours to showcase the true Japanese Cuisine; this means that guests experience the full range of options that foreign visitors and tour companies wish they knew about. Luxury Japan Travel provides guests access to world renowned chefs, decorated with Michelin Stars, whose creative take on Japanese Cuisine will leave you wanting more. We show you sublime local produce and present dishes that are simply divine. Luxury Japan Travel provides guests an education on all aspects of the Japanese food and drink culture that ignites appetite like no other.


Japan is blessed with perhaps the world’s greatest transportation infrastructure, therefore travelling from place to place is smooth and comfortable. Luxury Japan Travel provides a diverse range of transportation options that ensures our guests arrive at their destination in comfort and feeling refreshed. We utilise air travel, first-class Shinkansen (bullet-train) travel, luxury taxicabs, upgraded local trains, and private vehicles. 

Experts In Japan Travel

Luxury Japan Travel is certified as both Japan Travel Specialists and Masters of Japan Travel by the Japanese National Tourism Organisation.  Our certification not only ensures you that we are a trusted tour operator but also an expert in guiding you on your tour of Japan.


From US$9980 PP

12 Days Of Magic In Japan

Cherry Blossom Tours

From US$9000 PP

12 Days Of Beauty In Japan

Custom Japan Tours

From US$750 PP/Day

Tailor Made Japan Experience

Self Guided Tours

From US$500 PP/Day

Japan Your Way