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Hokkaido it’s Heaven on Earth – What’s it like to be on a Hokkaido Tour

Known as a winter wonderland, Hokkaido, Japan’s northern island is a very special place. Snowboard and ski enthusiasts from all corners of the globe congregate in massive numbers to experience Hokkaido’s champagne powder. Whilst this winter playground is well...

A Luxury Cherry Blossom Tour: What’s it like?

Cherry Blossom Season or Sakura Matsuri is by far the most popular time to visit Japan. Tourists from all over the world converge on Japan during the months of March, April and May to hopefully get a glimpse of the magnificent beauty.  Whilst everyone has their own...

How Expensive is Japan? 8 Important things to know.

How expensive is Japan? This is a question that is asked over and over again... With the incredible interest in Japan as a safe, clean and wonderful tourist destination, a question on everyone's mind is how much do things actually cost? Whilst there are a plethora of...

Top 5 Cherry Blossom Experiences in Kansai (Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe, Himeji)

Cherry Blossom season in Japan is an incredibly special time. The stunning pink and white flowers signify not only the start of spring but also a time of renewal. This time of a year is a chance for the Japanese people to refresh, regroup and refocus their personal...

The Taste of Luxury – The Top 10 things to Eat in Japan

Japanese cuisine is fast becoming a crowd favourite the world over. Sushi bars, ramen restaurants and donburi cafés are popping up all over the place, and, it seems the world can’t get enough. We have run exclusive gourmet food tours of Japan for many years. We have...

The Best Time to See Cherry Blossoms in Japan: Cherry Blossom Forecast 2020

Japanese Cherry Blossoms or Sakura as they are known in Japan are beyond magnificent. Once a year and for only about seven days these gifts of nature bloom with such ferocity they are something to behold. Attracting visitors from all over the world Sakura really is...

Top 10 Reasons to stay in a Luxury Hot Spring (Onsen) Hotel (Ryokan) whilst in Japan.

We often wonder why anyone would want to visit amazing Japan yet choose to stay only in western-style hotels. In order to experience the true Japan, we highly recommend visitors stay in a traditional hot spring (onsen) hotel known as a ryokan.