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“At Luxury Japan Travel, our commitment to exclusive and personalised tours has cultivated a unique community of discerning travellers. While we cater to a select group of clients who often prefer to maintain the privacy of their luxury experiences, we are proud to share that many have been so inspired by their journeys with us that they’ve generously offered their testimonials. These reviews reflect the depth of satisfaction and unforgettable experiences our guests enjoy. Each testimonial is a valued endorsement of the intimate and exceptional adventures that are the hallmark of Luxury Japan Travel.”

My wife and I have traveled to Europe many times and taken part in many river cruises. We can both safely say that travelling to Japan with Luxury Japan Travel was the best thing we have ever done. No request was too big, we were looked after so, so well. If you are having doubts ask the team at Luxury Japan Travel to give you my number, I will tell you how good
they really are. Great experience, will go again!

John H

USA, The Classic Cherry Blossom Tour of Japan

“Having returned from the Classic Cherry Blossom Tour with Luxury Japan Travel I must say, it was a dream come true. Every day was filled with stunning sights, like Mount Fuji and Kyoto, and the cherry blossoms were all I expected and more. The culinary experiences were top-notch – the sushi, kaiseki and Kobe beef were standouts for me. The team’s care and attention to every detail made us feel truly pampered. An unforgettable and luxurious way to see Japan!”

E. Lim

Singapore, The Classic Cherry Blossom Tour of Japan

As a Canadian, I had the immense pleasure of participating in the spring Northern Japanese Cherry Blossom Tour. I thoroughly enjoyed everything about this amazing tour. It was intimate and extremely well-planned. Train transportation from the First Class Shinkansen (Bullet Train) to local trains to subways were our main mode of transportation.
Incredible meals every day and perfect cherry blossoms created amazing experiences. We travelled off the beaten tourist routes to experience first hand Japanese culture and traditions and interactions with local residents in a very meaningful way. Travelling with the Luxury Japan Travel group was an immense pleasure – from the first personal greeting at Tokyo’s Narita airport to our send off home. Every need and desire was answered promptly,
respectfully and professionally.
Should touring Japan be an item on your bucket list, I can’t recommend the Luxury Japan Travel Team more highly. Their professionalism and knowledge of Japan makes for a highly personal, informative and engaging tour. They truly care for their guests. I can’t wait to join Luxury Japan Travel Team on another amazing experience!

R. B.

Canada, The Northern Cherry Blossom Tour of Japan

“Our Luxury Japan Travel tour featured spectacular meals, fascinating cultural learnings and eye-poppingly beautiful cherry blossoms (Sakura.) We loved the various food styles, from fusion dishes created by celebrity chefs in upmarket and exclusive restaurants to authentic local experiences with lots of sake. Our time at the exquisitely selected Ryokan near Mt Fuji was
unforgettable, with Japanese culture on full display. This was a truly remarkable tour.”

M & W Day

Australia, The Classic Cherry Blossom Tour of Japan

“We’ve always wanted to see the autumn colours in Japan and this tour nailed it! Kyoto was like a postcard with all the colourful leaves, and seeing Mt Fuji surrounded by autumn colours was a dream come true. The tour was super well-planned and the tour directors were amazing – they knew everything and made sure we had a great time. Plus, we learned so much about Japan’s culture. Can’t wait to go on another tour with Luxury Japan Travel!”

E & E Yuen

Hong Kong, The Kyoto & Mt Fuji Autumn Leaves Tour

“I’ve been on many tours before, but nothing compares to the Autumn Leaves Tour with Luxury Japan Travel. My husband and I, we’ve travelled a lot and often had to figure things out on our own. But this time, it was different. From the moment we started, every part of our trip was perfectly planned. The itinerary was amazing – we saw places and colours in Japan that were like hidden treasures!

What really stood out for us was the cultural immersion. In the past, we often felt a bit lost, not knowing what to do or where to go. But the team at Luxury Japan Travel took care of everything. They explained every detail of Japanese culture, answered all our questions, and even translated for us. It was like having a key to a deeper understanding of Japan. We felt so pampered and looked after – it was a level of care and attention we’ve never experienced before.

The colours of the autumn leaves were simply spectacular, and we visited so many hidden spots that we would never have found on our own. This kind of experience, you just can’t get it anywhere else. Even as someone who’s travelled a lot independently, I can say Luxury Japan Travel offers something truly special. I’m already planning to come back for more of their tours. Trust me, once you experience this difference, there’s no going back!”

Judy C

Singapore, The Autumn Leaves Tour

“Choosing Luxury Japan Travel for our Japan trip was the best decision! Their unique hanami picnic was like a slice of heaven. We sat under cherry blossoms, with amazing food and perfect weather. The scenery was breathtaking – it felt like we were part of a beautiful Japanese painting.

The most special part? Feeling like locals. Some people from Japan even joined us, sharing their Japanese sake and stories. It wasn’t just a tour; it was truly real Japanese culture. No other company does this like Luxury Japan Travel. My husband and I had an unforgettable experience! We are coming again next year”

J. Carlson

USA, Kyoto & Mt. Fuji Cherry Blossom Tour

“I travelled for the fourth time to Japan on The Hokkaido Tour and I am so glad I was able to be part of a great group of people. Luxury Japan Travel thought about every little detail and made my trip a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience. I loved the sushi, traditional accommodation and the beautiful countryside. Do yourself a favour and discover Hokkaido with Luxury Japan Travel, I wish I could recommend this fantastic journey to everyone.”

G & N Spencer

Australia, The Hokkaido Tour

“We had visited Japan many times before but had always wanted to see Hokkaido. My wife and I are so happy that we chose to travel with Luxury Japan Travel. The most amazing food, sights and activities. We really loved the fresh air, open spaces and lavender fields. Cannot recommend highly enough to future guests.”

J & D Christensen

Australia, The Hokkaido Tour

“I had the most wonderful experience to go on a tour of Japan, with Luxury Japan Travel in April/May this year. Our Tour guide looked after our every need; we were able to relax; enjoy the food; the amazing scenery, of Japan. We had several trips on the very fast Bullet trains enjoyed a Bento Box lunches during the trip, while watching the scenery fly by.
A highlight of our Tour was seeing the Cherry blossoms in flower at Hirosaki Castle. Words cannot describe how amazing it was to see so many trees with Blossoms in flower. We had a small group on our trip, which was truly delightful. We were grateful, for the special attention our tour guide gave,
The accommodation was excellent. The whole trip was very well organized.

E. R.

New Zealand, The Northern Cherry Blossom Tour of Japan

“Just got back from the Kyoto and Mt Fuji Autumn Leaves tour with Luxury Japan Travel and it was incredible! Kyoto’s temples looked stunning with all those red and orange leaves. So many hidden areas away from the crowds. Food was all first-class. And Mt Fuji? Wow, just wow! The director knew so much and really brought the history to life. They took care of everything, so we could just soak in the beauty and learn loads about Japan. Best decision ever to go on this tour!”

Ambrose C.

The Kyoto & Mt. Fuji Autumn Leaves Tour, Singapore

“As frequent travelers, we’ve often opted for well-known, big-name tour companies, but lately, we’ve felt like just another number in the crowd. Acting on a friend’s strong recommendation, we switched to Luxury Japan Travel for their Autumn Leaves Tour – and what a game-changer! This wasn’t just a smaller group; it was a completely different experience, night and day. Instead of being one of 28 crammed onto a bus, there was only eight of us, each moment felt personal and special.

The organization was impeccable. We explored in comfortable vans, complete with thoughtful amenities like snacks and drinks. Every destination was stunning, and for the first time, we weren’t rushed. We truly immersed ourselves in the beauty of Japan and its culture. It’s clear that Luxury Japan Travel understands what it means to value and respect both their guests and the destinations. We’re already looking forward to our next adventure with them!”

G & I Shultz

USA, The Autumn Leaves Tour

“As a Singaporean family with our adult sons and their wives, we wanted something extraordinary for our Japan trip. Choosing Luxury Japan Travel for a custom ski and food adventure in Hokkaido and Northern Japan was the best decision we ever made. The skiing was an exhilarating experience for all of us, set against breathtaking landscapes.

What impressed us most was the meticulous planning and organization of the entire trip, every detail was carefully considered. The tour directors were exceptional – knowledgeable, friendly, and always going the extra mile to ensure we had the best experience. This wasn’t just a holiday; Luxury Japan Travel has set a new standard for our family vacations. We’re already looking forward to planning another custom tour with them – their expertise in crafting unforgettable journeys is truly unmatched. We highly, highly recommend”

The Khoo Family

Custom Tour of Japan (Hokkaido and Northern Honshu), Singapore

“We, a group of good friends from the U.S.  having been to Japan before, craved more than just the usual tourist spots – we wanted to eat, drink, and live like locals; and Luxury Japan Travel was our ticket to an authentic experience. Each experience was tailored just for us. It was like having a best friend in Japan showing us around, revealing hidden gems we never knew existed. The tour was not only personal but also showed us the depths of Japanese culture in ways we hadn’t experienced on previous trips.

This was a journey into the heart of Japan. Honestly, you haven’t truly experienced Japan until you travel like we did with Luxury Japan Travel. The level of detail, the insider knowledge, the local connections – it’s something independent travel doesn’t even scratch the surface of. We’ll be reminiscing about this trip forever and are already planning our next adventure with Luxury Japan Travel!”

The Japan Lovers from the U.S.

USA, Custom Tour of Japan (Kansai and Deep Kyoto)