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Kyoto & Mt Fuji Cherry Blossom Tour: A Journey of Elegance and Serenity

Immerse yourself in the ethereal beauty of Japan's cherry blossom season with our Kyoto & Mt Fuji Cherry Blossom Tour, an exquisite journey through the heart of Japanese culture and natural splendour. This ultra-luxury tour is a symphony of experiences, meticulously crafted to showcase the best of Japan's historic Kyoto and the majestic Mt. Fuji area. From the moment you arrive, every detail is taken care of, ensuring a seamless blend of cultural immersion, serene natural exploration, and unparalleled luxury. Begin in Kyoto, where ancient temples and tranquil gardens tell stories of centuries past. Witness the architectural marvel of Kiyomizu-Dera at dawn, stroll through the golden serenity of Kinkakuji, and wander the mystical paths of Fushimi Inari Shrine. Indulge in exclusive cultural experiences, including a private Geisha performance and Michelin-starred dining, revealing the depth of Kyoto's culinary excellence.

As the journey continues, the tour gracefully transitions to the breathtaking landscapes surrounding Mt. Fuji. Here, in the lap of Japan's most iconic mountain, you'll experience moments of sublime tranquility. Luxuriate in a world-class accommodation with views that postcards can only aspire to, offering private onsens and a setting that whispers the ancient tales of the land. Explore the renowned Hakushu Whisky Distillery, taste the elegance of local Yamanashi wines, and relish in gourmet meals that celebrate the region's flavours. This tour is more than a holiday; it's an embrace of Japan’s soul, a luxurious sojourn that intertwines the ephemeral beauty of sakura with the timeless grace of Japan’s heritage. Join us for an unforgettable journey where luxury, culture, and nature dance in harmony, creating memories that will echo in your heart for years to come.

See below for the itinerary details:


Day 1

Date : April 4, 2025

Arrival in Kyoto – An Introduction to Elegance

Location: Kyoto

Welcome to the majestic city of Kyoto, where your journey into the quintessence of Japanese culture and elegance begins. From the moment you arrive at Kansai Airport or Kyoto Station, our Luxury Japan Travel team ensures your comfort and care. Be whisked away in style to your luxurious Kyoto accommodation, an upscale ryokan that marries traditional aesthetics with modern comfort. Settle into the tranquil ambiance, feel the city's ancient pulse, and let the anticipation of the adventure ahead build. If exploration calls, an optional pre-dinner excursion awaits, offering a glimpse into Kyoto's storied past through a visit to one of its iconic landmarks. As evening falls, indulge in a meticulously prepared welcome dinner at the ryokan, a first taste of Kyoto’s renowned culinary finesse. This first day is an elegant overture to a symphony of cultural and natural beauty that defines your tour.
Meals: Dinner (D)


Date : April 5, 2025

Quintessential Kyoto Experience

Locations: Kiyomizu-Dera, Kinkakuji, Fushimi Inari Shrine, Cherry Blossom Viewing Spot

Embrace the essence of Kyoto on Day 2, a journey through the city's most revered landmarks, each radiating with history and beauty. Your day commences at dawn with a visit to the awe-inspiring Kiyomizu-Dera Temple, where early light bathes ancient pagodas in a serene glow. Next, venture to the tranquil Kinkakuji, Kyoto's celebrated Golden Pavilion, opening its doors to a world of historic opulence. From there, meander through the mystical torii gates of Fushimi Inari Shrine, an iconic path winding through sacred hills. A gastronomic highlight awaits with an exquisite lunch at a prestigious three Michelin-starred restaurant, a culinary experience that marries tradition with innovation. Post-lunch, immerse yourself in the serene beauty of cherry blossoms at a local viewing spot, a hidden gem away from the bustling crowds. The day gently unwinds as you return to your accommodation, carrying the day's visual and sensory memories.

Meals: Breakfast (B), Lunch (L), Dinner (Optional)

Day 3

Date : April 6, 2025

Uji's Tranquility and Secret Cherry Blossom Spots

Locations: Uji, Secret Cherry Blossom Viewing Locations in Kyoto Countryside

Embark on a tranquil journey to Uji on Day 3, a town revered for its finest green tea. Here, a traditional tea ceremony awaits, offering a moment of zen-like serenity. Wander through Uji’s charming streets, soaking in the peaceful ambiance. The adventure continues as we guide you to secret locations in the Kyoto countryside for cherry blossom viewing. These exclusive spots, hidden away from the usual paths, provide an intimate setting to witness the fleeting beauty of sakura. Enjoy an ultra-luxurious picnic amidst this serene backdrop, indulging in a spread of seasonal food and drink that celebrates the essence of spring. This leisurely day, blending cultural depth with natural elegance, draws to a close with a return to your accommodation in Kyoto, where a sumptuous kaiseki dinner beautifully rounds off the day’s experiences.

Meals: Breakfast (B), Lunch (L), Dinner (D)

Day 4

Date : April 7, 2025

Kyoto's Hidden Gems and Cultural Evening

Locations: Kyoto's Lesser-Known Areas, Evening Geisha Show and Traditional Dinner

Day 4 unfolds as a discovery of Kyoto's hidden treasures, taking you beyond the well-trodden paths to explore the city's lesser-known yet equally captivating areas. The morning is dedicated to uncovering these secret gems, perhaps including tranquil temples, serene Zen gardens, or the studios of traditional artisans, each offering a unique glimpse into the soul of Kyoto. For lunch, savor the flavors of Kyoto at a hand-picked local restaurant, an experience that combines authenticity with culinary excellence.
In the afternoon, enjoy some personal time, perfect for leisurely exploration, shopping, or unwinding at your ryokan. As the evening arrives, prepare for an exclusive cultural experience. A private Geisha show provides a rare window into the enchanting world of Geisha and Maiko, set against the backdrop of a traditional Kyoto dining setting. This intimate event, coupled with a sumptuous traditional dinner, offers an immersive journey into Kyoto's artistic heritage. The evening might extend to a visit to a sophisticated local bar, offering a relaxed yet refined conclusion to a day filled with cultural depth and discovery.

Meals: Breakfast (B), Lunch (L), Dinner (D)

Day 5

Date : April 8, 2025

Serene Arrival in the Mt. Fuji Area

Locations: Travel to Mt. Fuji area, Evening of Relaxation

On Day 5, your journey transitions from the cultural heart of Kyoto to the natural grandeur of the Mt. Fuji area. Begin with a leisurely breakfast at your ryokan, savoring the last moments in Kyoto's serene atmosphere. Then, embark on a scenic journey to the Mt. Fuji region in the comfort of a private minivan, a route that unfolds with picturesque landscapes and the promise of new discoveries.
Upon arrival, check into your luxurious accommodation, strategically chosen for its breathtaking views of Mt. Fuji. This idyllic setting offers a perfect blend of tranquility and natural beauty, ideal for relaxation and contemplation. The afternoon is yours to enjoy at leisure, whether it's indulging in private onsen baths, exploring the surrounding area, or simply relaxing with a view of the iconic mountain.
As evening descends, experience the ultimate in dining comfort with an in-room gourmet meal. This special dinner allows you to savor exquisite local cuisine in the privacy of your room, all while being surrounded by the majestic beauty of Mt. Fuji. This serene day in the Mt. Fuji area offers a gentle yet profound shift from the historic charm of Kyoto to the awe-inspiring natural beauty of Japan.

Meals: Breakfast (B), Lunch (L), Dinner (D)

Day 6

Date : April 9, 2025

Scenic Delights and Indulgence Near Mt. Fuji

Locations: Hakushu Whisky Distillery, Local Winery in Yamanashi, Mt. Fuji Area

Day 6 of your luxury tour is a celebration of sensory delights set in the breathtaking landscape of the Mt. Fuji area. Begin with a leisurely breakfast, enjoying the awe-inspiring views of Mt. Fuji. The day's adventure commences at the renowned Hakushu Whisky Distillery. Immerse yourself in the art and craft of Japanese whisky-making through an engaging tour, culminating in a tasting session of some of Japan's most esteemed whiskies, all against a backdrop of lush natural beauty.
Continue your exploration with a visit to a local winery in the heart of the Yamanashi region, renowned for its exquisite wines. Here, experience the elegance of Japanese winemaking, from the vine to the bottle. Delight in a wine tasting session that showcases a variety of refined flavors, providing a harmonious counterpoint to the morning's whisky discovery.
The rest of the afternoon is yours to relax and soak in the tranquil environment of your luxurious accommodation. Whether you choose to explore the picturesque surroundings, indulge in private onsen baths, or simply unwind with a book and a view, the day is tailored for your ultimate relaxation.
As evening falls, reconvene for a sumptuous dinner at your accommodation. This meal is a chance to savor the culinary excellence of the region while reflecting on a day filled with exceptional experiences and the serene beauty of Mt. Fuji.

Meals: Breakfast (B), Dinner (D)

Day 7

Date : April 10, 2025

Farewell and Departure from the Mt. Fuji Area

Location: Mt. Fuji Area, Departure Arrangements

As the Kyoto & Mt Fuji Cherry Blossom Tour draws to a close, Day 7 is a time for reflection and farewell amidst the natural splendor of the Mt. Fuji area. Begin your day with a final leisurely breakfast, savoring the tranquility and the majestic views of the iconic mountain. This morning offers a peaceful period for personal relaxation, whether it's a last stroll to capture memories in photographs, soaking in the onsen, or simply enjoying the serene environment.

Check-out will be a seamless experience, ensuring a smooth and comfortable transition to your next destination. Luxury Japan Travel will handle all arrangements, whether you're heading back to Tokyo, transferring to an airport, or continuing your journey in Japan. Personalized private transportation will be provided, catering to each guest's individual itinerary.

As you depart from the Mt. Fuji area, you carry with you not just souvenirs, but cherished memories of a unique journey filled with cultural richness, natural beauty, and the unforgettable charm of the cherry blossom season. This tour is more than just a travel experience; it's a journey into the heart of Japan's heritage and landscapes that will linger in your heart long after.

Meals: Breakfast (B)

Accommodations: 6 nights in luxury ryokans and hotels, offering the best of comfort and views in Kyoto and the Mt. Fuji area.

Meals: All meals are included - daily breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, featuring a mix of exquisite local cuisine and Michelin-starred dining experiences.

Transportation: Private transportation throughout the tour, including airport or station transfers upon arrival and departure.

Guided Tours and Cultural Experiences: Exclusive access to historic sites, temples, and cultural experiences including a private Geisha show, traditional tea ceremony, and guided tours at Hakushu Whisky Distillery and a local winery in Yamanashi.

Entrance Fees: All entrance fees for attractions and experiences as per the itinerary.

Professional Guide Services: Expert guide services throughout the tour, offering insightful commentary and personalized attention.

Luxury Hanami Picnic: An ultra-luxurious picnic experience during cherry blossom viewing, with gourmet seasonal food and drink.

Onsen Experiences: Access to private onsen baths in selected accommodations.

International Airfare: Flights to and from Japan are not included.

Travel Insurance: Guests are advised to arrange their own travel insurance.

Personal Expenses: Expenses such as additional meals outside the provided itinerary, souvenirs, and personal shopping are not covered.

Optional Activities: Any additional activities outside the set itinerary may incur separate charges.

Alcoholic Beverages: Unless specified (like during the whisky and wine tastings), alcoholic beverages are not included and will be charged separately.

Tips and Gratuities: Tips for guides and service staff are not included and are at the guest's discretion.

Our tours are not just about luxury and comfort; they are an extraordinary blend of fun, enjoyment, and memorable experiences. Each day is filled with excitement, offering an unparalleled learning experience and a deep cultural connection. You'll delve into the heart of Japan's culture with expert-guided explorations, relish exceptional dining, and stay in premium accommodations. Expect each moment to be a delightful journey, one that leaves you with happy memories and a profound understanding of Japan's unique beauty.

We strongly recommend purchasing comprehensive travel insurance to protect against unforeseen circumstances. Luxury Japan Travel does not sell travel insurance, but we advise getting a policy from a reputable company that suits your individual needs.

Japan is renowned for its safety, with an exceptionally low crime rate. It's tourist-friendly, and locals are often eager to help foreign tourists.

Our accommodations are 4 and 5-star standard, selected for comfort, location, and authenticity. We choose hotels and ryokans that provide an authentic Japanese experience, often unknown to international tourists.

Our tours require a low to moderate level of fitness as walking is a common mode of travel in Japan. We design our tours to include a mix of activities to suit various fitness levels.

The tours are conducted in English. A good understanding of English is necessary to fully enjoy the experience.

Yes, solo travellers are welcome. A single traveller supplement fee is applied at the time of booking, the amount of which will be provided to you then.

We specialize in the tour component within Japan and do not sell airfares. However, we can recommend flight routes and timings post-booking.

We offer a variety of premium transportation options, including first-class Shinkansen tickets and private vehicle services, ensuring a comfortable and luxurious travel experience within Japan.

You can book our tours and experiences through our website or by contacting our customer service team. We will guide you through the booking process and answer any questions you may have.

Luxury Japan Travel accepts various payment methods, including major credit cards and bank transfers. Please contact us for more details on payment options.

To get a custom quote, please contact us with your travel preferences, desired experiences, and any specific requests. Our team will craft a personalized luxury travel package tailored to your needs.

We offer a range of luxury tours, including cultural, historical, gastronomic, and adventure tours. Each tour is designed to provide an exclusive and immersive experience of Japan's unique offerings.

Our cancellation policy varies based on the tour and booking conditions. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions or contact us for specific details regarding cancellations.

For custom or private tours, please contact our team with your preferences and requirements. We specialize in creating tailor-made experiences that cater to your unique interests.

Yes, we can arrange exclusive cultural experiences such as private geisha entertainment, samurai workshops, tea ceremonies, and more, providing a deep dive into Japan's rich cultural heritage.

We can arrange luxury dining experiences, including reservations at Michelin-starred restaurants, private chef services, and unique culinary events that showcase Japan's gastronomic excellence.

Understanding Japan's cultural etiquette is key to a respectful and enjoyable travel experience. We provide guidance on local customs, dining etiquette, temple visit protocols, and more to ensure you navigate Japan's culture with ease and respect.

Our Terms and Conditions are available on our website 24/7 and upon request. They provide detailed information on booking policies, liability, cancellation procedures, and other important aspects of our services.

Our tours are intimate and exclusive, limited to either 6 or 8 guests. This small group size ensures a personalized and luxurious experience, allowing for deeper immersion into Japanese culture.

Japan experiences four distinct seasons. Spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November) are mild and pleasant. Summer (June to August) is warm and humid, while winter (December to February) can be cold, with snow in some regions. We provide specific weather forecasts closer to your travel dates for more precise planning.

Packing depends on the season of your visit. Essentials include comfortable walking shoes, layers for varying temperatures, and an umbrella or rain gear. Luxury Japan Travel will provide you with personalized and tailored advice on packing, specific to your tour, prior to its commencement.

Yes, our tours require a minimum number of guests to depart. If this number isn't met, we will inform you in advance. For details on how we handle these situations, including alternatives and options, please refer to our terms and conditions.

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