Do I need Travel Insurance to join a tour?

Whilst we cannot compel you to purchase Travel Insurance, we strongly recommend you purchase a comprehensive cover plan to suit your individual needs. Travel Insurance is there to protect you and your investment for those unforseen circumstances.  

Do you sell Travel Insurance?

Luxury Japan Travel is runs private small group tours of Japan, as such we don’t sell travel insurance. We recommend all our guests purchase comprehensive travel insurance from a reputable company of their choice. As each individual and/or couple have their own unique requirements we are unable to recommend insurance companies.

Is Japan a safe country?

Japan is an exceptionally safe country with an extremely low rate of crime. Japan is very tourist friendly, and as such, it is quite common for a local to approach a foreign tourist if they look like they need assistance. 

What standard of accommodation can I expect?

All our hotels are of 4 and 5 star standard. We carefully select hotels that offer the best comfort and location for our guests. We generally select hotels that are unknown to international tourists in order to provide an authentic experience. 

How fit do we need to be to participate in the tour?

Japan by nature is a country where people walk. It is not uncommon for Japanese locals to walk many kilometres per day. Our tours are designed to offer a mix of activities and intensities. You will need a low-moderate level of fitness to adequately participate in the all of our tours.

What language is spoken during the tour?

The tour is conducting in English. If you are unable to understand a good level of English then the Cherry Blossom Tour of Japan is not for you. 

I am a solo traveller, can I join the tour?

We do permit solo travellers to join us on our tours, and we have so many times in the past. If you are travelling on your own you are required to pay a single traveller supplement. The amount is provided to you at the time of booking. 

Do you sell Airfares?

Luxury Japan Travel provides the tour component in Japan and as such does not sell airfares. We recommend you purchase your airfares from a reputable airline.

How do I plan my flights to Japan?

After you have booked your tour with us we will recommend which flights to take from your home country to the designated city in Japan. We do not sell airfares; however, we will provide recommendations on route and time. 

Are there Terms and Conditions?

Yes we have Terms and Conditions that govern all our tour products. The Terms and Conditions are available on our website 24/7 and upon request. 

Terms and Conditions


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