Autumn Leaves Tour of Japan

Japan is a magical land of four distinct seasons. During the Fall or Autumn Season the entire country turns into brilliant shades of yellows, oranges and reds. 

Almost everyone has heard of the maginificent Japanese Cherry Blossoms, but few realise Japan’s Autumn Leaves are just as beautiful. From Kyushu in the south to Hokkaido in the north, the vibrant leaves of Autumn will leave you captivated. Autumn in Japan is a special time as it signifies the end of summer and the beginning of winter. As such, the seasonal cuisine and natural beauty takes centre stage. 

We invite you to experience the wonder of Japan’s Autumn Leaves and share in this magical time of year on our private and exclusive tours. Each of our tours are meticulously designed to showcase this magnificent season.

We look forward to welcoming you on tour and sharing this once in a lifetime experience with you.

Experience the magic, culture and food of Japan
with one of our unique luxury tours.

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Luxury Autumn Leaves Tour Highlights

Autumn Leaves Tour – Kyoto & Mt Fuji

Private & Exclusive Geisha Dining Experience

Three-Michelin Starred Kaiseki Lunch

Exclusive Five Star Accommodation

Five Star Experiences 


Arrive at Kansai International Airport and be chauffeured to your exclusive Kyoto Hotel. Relax in supreme luxury in the heart of nature. Enjoy the spectacular Autumn foliage and nearby river. Enjoy a welcome drinks reception.

After a delectable breakfast be chauffeured via private vehicle to Kyoto city. Spend the day exploring exclusive locations and visiting famous landmarks, including plenty of Autumn foliage. Enjoy a relaxed evening feasting on the finest Kaiseki cuisine.  

Enjoy a relaxed start to the day with specialised in-room breakfast overlooking the picturesque surroundings. This is truly Heaven on Earth. Enjoy an exclusive ultra-luxurious lunch at the Three Michelin Starred Kitcho Arashiyama. Discover the nearby Arashiyama bamboo forest before returning to the hotel for the evening.

Travel to nearby Osaka and visit the picturesque Osaka-jo (castle). Enjoy a private tour of the grounds and museum before partaking in a roof top dining experience. Plenty of magnificent Autumn foliage on display.

Enjoy a private tour of exclusive Kyoto locations with plenty of shopping options to choose from. Stroll along secluded local watercourses whilst taking in all that is Kyoto. Experience the famous Kyoto Tea Ceremony before enjoying an ultra-luxurious Geisha Dinner Experience.

A day of rest and relaxation. Enjoy a free day of rest and relaxation or choose from specially selected activities provided on the day.

Explore the southern area of Kyoto via private vehicle. Enjoy a specialised local lunch before heading to the Yamazaki Whisky Distillery to enjoy a private tour and tasting.

Travel via Shinkansen and private vehicle to Lake Kawaguchi which is in the foothills of Mt Fuji. Check into your exclusive ultra-luxurious cabin with pristine views of Mt Fuji. The specially selected concept hotel is something the truly behold. Enjoy an exclusive dinner cooked on the open fire amongst nature.

Enjoy a special in-room breakfast whilst gazing upon Mt Fuji. Choose a day of relaxation or from an exclusive list of activities available.

Enjoy a final gourmet breakfast before enjoying your chauffeur transfer to your next nominated location.  

Hoshinoya Kyoto, Hoshinoya Fuji

Autumn Leaves Tour – Classic

Travel to Kyoto and discover World-Heritage sites, ancient culture, unique architecture and exclusive cuisine.

Wake up to an unrivalled view of Mt Fuji from your private and exclusive in-room hot-spring bath, this has to be experienced to be believed.

Be immersed in the local culture of Kansai. Enjoy a famous Kyoto Kaiseki meal.

Stay in the luxurious Nihonbashi area where you will discover amazing local specialties.


Arrive at Kansai International Airport where you will be met by your Tour Director. Travel to Osaka and check into hotel. First glimpse of Autumn Leaves. Enjoy a night tour of Dotonbori.

Travel to Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan and home to many World Heritage sites. Visit Fushimi Inari, Kinkaku-ji and plenty of Autumn Leaves viewing. Discover the local shopping and cuisine that is unique to beautiful Kyoto

Spend a second day in Kyoto discovering World Heritage sites, local markets and exclusive cuisine. Enjoy the famous Kyoto Kaiseki feast for lunch before spending some free time exploring the local wonders. Enjoy a free evening relaxing in Osaka

Visit Osaka Castle and explore the extensive grounds filled with Autumn Leaves and cultural wonders. Enjoy a relaxed lunch overlooking the beautiful castle and grounds. A special tour of Osaka is the evening activity including a special local dining experience

Travel via Shinkansen to Mt Fuji, Yamanashi for a couple of days of supreme relaxation. Stay in the ultra-luxurious Ryokan and enjoy Kaiseki Breakfast and Dinner. Relax in your own private in-room hot-spring bath.

Second day of luxury Yamanashi Ryokan. Plenty of relaxation and stunning views of Mt Fuji. Soak away the day in your private in-room hot spring. Pamper yourself with massage and strolls around the world-class gardens.

Travel to Tokyo via the Shinkansen. After checking in to the hotel enjoy an authentic Japanese picnic complete with delicious food and drink underneath the Autumn Leaves.

A day with the sushi master. Discover Tokyo’s famous, bustling fish market. Enjoy the best sushi in the world in the Tokyo backstreets. A night view from Tokyo Skytree, dine in a World-Class restaurant with a million dollar view. 

Visit the iconic parts of Tokyo including, Asakusa, Kappa-bashi and Yoyogi-koen. Travel to Shibuya to witness the most famous crossing in the world.

Journey to Sendai and visit Sendai Castle and other local treasures. Experience the local favourite, Gyutan. Discover the Sendai nightlife in Kokubuncho. Crab Kaiseki special Dinner.

Travel to Matsushima for spectacular views, a cruise and plenty of local seafood. Enjoy the local hospitality and famous bay. Enjoy a first-class kaiseki lunch overlooking the pristine bay.

Return to Tokyo via the Shinkansen and enjoy a farewell drink.

Osaka Premier, Bessho Sasa, Nihonbashi Premier, Mitsui Sendai

Autumn Leaves Tour – North

Travel to Hirosaki Castle and experience the vast variety of Autumn foliage.

Relax in natural hot springs and rejuvenate the mind, body and soul.

Discover unknown areas of Tokyo, exclusive to our Luxury Tours.

Experience the vibrant colours of Autumn in Tohoku.


Welcome to Japan! Arrive in Tokyo the greatest city in the world where you will be met by your Tour Director. Enjoy a special welcome drinks reception.  

Travel via Shinkansen to Hachinohe, Aomori. Enjoy a special Bento Box for lunch. Continue to Misawa and check into exclusive Ultra-Luxury Ryokan. Experience the amazing service, relaxation and pure luxury on full display. Enjoy the expansive grounds filled with Autumn foliage.

Travel by Shinkansen through the picturesque Aomori landscapes to Hirosaki Castle to witness the most amazing Autumn Leaves display. Enjoy the gardens, cultural activities and local cuisine. Return to luxury ryokan for a special dinner.  

An early start for a wonderful day in Hachinohe. Explore the enormous special local markets, spend time amongst the northern culture. Discover regional cuisine and art. Enjoy a traditional kaiseki dinner whilst being entertained by a spectacular performance of Aomori culture.

Travel to Hakodate, the second biggest city in Hokkaido. Check into traditional Japanese Ryokan and discover the sophisticated culture. Spend time exploring the local area. Enjoy a luxury private dining experience feasting on the local cuisine.

A big day in Hakodate exploring the Asaichi, Bay Area, Red Brick Warehouses, The Ainu Museum and Goryokaku Koen. Spend a relaxed evening in the hot-springs and dine on the finest Kaiseki cuisine.

Before travelling to Sendai, travel up to Mt Hakodate to witness one of Japan’s top three views; gaze over the deep blue bay, picturesque mountains and main island. If the day is clear the main island of Honshu will be visible. Experience a world-class crab kaiseki dinner.

Travel to Matsushima Bay to witness another of Japan’s top three views. Discover one of the most beautiful places on earth whilst enjoying the world’s best oysters. Take a picturesque bay cruise and enjoy the natural beauty. Enjoy a luxurious kaiseki lunch overlooking the bay.

A Day of Sendai exploration. Choose from exclusive activities Whisky Tour, Wine Tour, Hop aboard the Looper Bus and discover all the wonders, sights and sounds that Sendai has to offer; Stroll through Aoda-bori for some of the best shopping options anywhere in the world. Exclusive Izakaya Dinner.

Travel via Shinkansen to Tokyo. After arrival enjoy an exclusive afternoon activity exploring the lesser known parts of Tokyo. Discover local crafts and cuisine. Be guided through Asakusa backstreets and exclusive locations.   

Take a morning trip to Yokohama Bay Area. Be enthralled by the never-ending view from Landmark Tower and witness Mt Fuji in all its glory. Enjoy the beautiful Bay Area, lined spectacular Autumn foliage and specialty shopping. Return to Tokyo for an authentic local banquet.

Final Day of the tour takes us to the cosmopolitan hub of Tokyo, Ginza, for a final spot of shopping, a delicious lunch and farewell drink.

Celestine Shiba, Hoshinoya Aomori, Ichinomatsu Ryokan, Mitsui Sendai

The Difference

Luxury Japan Travel is a boutique company specialising in the very best of Japan. We ensure our guests realise the full Japanese experience. This includes the famous landmarks, areas and sights, as well as, certain important tourist and World Heritage sites. This being said, in order to truly understand Japan, its people and most of all its culture, the journey of discovery must be based around the cuisine. Japan is food and food is Japan, this the key message that other companies just do not present to their guests.

Luxury Japan Travel conducts small group tours with a maximum of ten guests. We do this to ensure every guest has the VIP experience and is able to have complete access to both our guides and local assets. We do not outsource, we run the tours ourselves in cooperation with our local assets. We are a small company that prides itself on providing experiences that no other company can or would be willing to. We focus on the experience and therefore design itineraries that give the very best account of the real Japanese culture.

We are first and foremost lovers of Japan and like to see ourselves as both advocates for and protectors of the culture. We utilise our collective and extensive knowledge to drive our tours in such a way they truly are once in a lifetime experiences.


All our tours are designed to demonstrate the very best of Japan. Each guest is personally looked after not only for the duration of the tour, but also before and after the tour. Luxury Japan Travel offers a highly specialised experience that we tailor to each guest. As part of your investment, each tour, as standard, includes all accommodation, in-country transportation, local guides, Luxury Japan Travel expert guide, entry fees, local taxes, first class dining experiences, exclusive restaurant access, exclusive activity access and most importantly most meals. The meals that are included as part of your investment are all of world class standard and created by the very best chefs who use only the finest produce. The meals we provide our guests set us apart from our competitors.

Luxury Accommodation

The accommodation options available in Japan are almost as diverse and wonderful as the cuisine.

Luxury Japan Travel chooses accommodation for our tours that offer the best location, functionality and most importantly comfort.

We carefully select a combination of accommodation, both traditional and modern that we know will not only please the guests but also provide a further window into Japanese culture.

The Cuisine

Without a doubt, Japanese Cuisine is the finest in the world. No other culture is as food obsessed as the Japanese and it shows in what they produce. It doesn’t matter whether it is street food or high-end fare nothing compares.

We design our tours to showcase the true Japanese Cuisine; this means that guests experience the full range of options that foreign visitors wish they knew about. Luxury Japan Travel gives guests access to world renowned chefs, decorated with Michelin Stars, whose creative take on Japanese Cuisine will leave you wanting more. We show you sublime local produce and present dishes that are simply divine.

Luxury Japan Travel provides guests an education on all aspects of the Japanese food and drink culture that ignites appetite like no other.

Experience the magic, culture and food of Japan
with one of our unique luxury tours.

Call us on +61 1300 040 731 or Book Online

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